The high seas and your trumpet

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This weeks blog for Melbourne Trumpet students is going to look at a subject close to my heart and life- Cruise ship gigs. After completing my bachelor of music I was interested in travelling with my instrument and getting paid to play all over the world, I’m sure it’s a dream shared by many aspiring musicians. I auditioned for a cruiseline and to my joy was accepted to join their showband. Firstly, the greatest thing about working on a cruiseline as a musician is it is your main job to be a musician. There aren’t any of the usual headaches and distractions you find on land such as traffic, jobs, bills etc.. Your paid well to simply play your instrument and perform in a great band. Your sight reading skills improve dramatically from performing every day and your musical diversity increases as you play a wide range of styles. You also get to meet and play with other terrific musicians from all over the world. I was switched on to many different music from talking and sharing with these professional musicans, some styles I had never even heard of! The Cruiseship industry is booming right now so job opportunities have never been so prolific. You generally play 6 nights a week so you can only imagine how good your playing will be at the end of a contract. For anyone who is looking to see more of the world and get paid to play your instrument than take a look into Cruiseships, unless you get sea sick! Get in touch with us today to get started with a great Melbourne trumpet teacher.

The Holidays

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The holidays were here again and the usual problems for music students came bubbling to the surface. Trumpet teachers often sight a lack of practice as the biggest downfall to a student’s progress. This seems fairly common to all endeavors as you only get out what you put in! Over the Easter Holiday break many families are on the road or overseas enjoying a well earn’t break. For music students this translates to weeks without their instrument. I’m a strong advocate for practicing daily however how can we do this when the instrument isn’t physically with us? Here are a few tips to keep your musical juices flowing anywhere, anytime.

Try taking some sheet music with you and reading it without your instrument. You will find your brain still engages with the notes and you may find you can sight sing the notes. This also works for sight reading rhythms. Your Melbourne trumpet teacher can give you many rhythm exercises on sheet music that you can clap, tap or sing. Try utilizing that amazing piece of technology in your pocket- your smart phone. The plethora of great aural training apps and rhythm apps available at the online store means that you can take your studies anywhere you go. Lastly, lets use this extra downtime to actually listen to music. Find new songs that interest and excite you. By stimulating the ears you will come back after the holidays with a fresh enthusiasm for your trumpet music lessons.


Trumpet case

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Damaging your trumpet in transit is a common heartache. Fortunately purchasing a suitable case can prevent this. You have spent good money on your trumpet so why skimp on the case that protects it from scratches, dents and breakage. To do reviews on all trumpet cases on the market will be next to impossible in this blog so I will simply outline some key features to tick off when purchasing your case. Many trumpet sellers will have a case for your trumpet when you purchase it but these can be cheap ones so they can move stock. Most stock cases have wood paneling covered by leather and other waterproof materials. These hard cases are superior so soft ones as they can take a spill without damaging your trumpet and can usually have something stacked on it which is very common when travelling. The hard cases will usually have stiff dividers that add extra support from the case being crushed. Lastly, the weight of the case is something we try to keep low for ease of lifting however this usually translate to cheap plastic materials so please Melbourne trumpet students spend the extra money on your case to save money on repairs down the road.