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In our singing lessons we are strengthening your voice and improving your musical skills. With this new found strength you may find the tendency to show off these new powerful vocal chords. Like many martial artists it is about using what’s in your skill set at the right time. In order to draw your listeners in you must show dynamics in your voice and tone. Save those power notes for when its absolutely necessary and you will find they have much more impact than simply singing 100% all the time. Try listening “Ordinary People” by John Legend and hear the dynamics he uses to make the song expressive. The voice is an expression of emotions and emotions are varied and usually in constant change. Talk with your singing teacher in Melbourne and they can give you some exercises to develop this range in your voice. It will mean you become an artist with a whole tool box!

John Legend – Ordinary People – YouTube


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Visualisation has become a buzz word amongst musicians and gurus alike. I have recently been working with a singing student in Melbourne about the importance of trying to visualise the shape of the melody she is trying to sing. She is a mature age student with little to no music theory background so we worked on writing out a short melody lines on extra large notation so her eye could watch the melody. Sometimes the melody would ascend or descend in a step, other times it would be a leap. This was a great break through for this singing student as her relationship to melody was now more understood and ingrained. By the end of our singing lesson in Melbourne she could write out a melody idea on the grand stave and hum along. When something wasn’t to her liking she would rewrite the melody until it fit her musical framework she had in her mind. I implore all singing students out there to give this a go- with the correct singing teacher you will find out this music theory thing isn’t that hard and in fact will make you a much better singer who can pitch correctly and cleanly!

Foods to avoid for singers

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One of the most frequent questions I am asked by singing students is “what foods should I avoid when singing?” This is a great question as we find that the vocal tract is vulnerable to certain foods and drinks. Firstly the big one- Dairy! Dairy coats the vocal folds with phlegm and gives it a clogged, sticky feeling. It is similar to a car trying to get traction in snowy conditions. The phlegm buildup means you need to generate more air pressure to get the vocal chords vibrating. Hence, more effort for less reward. The second culprit worth a mention is acidic foods and drinks. These may include fruit juices such as Grapefruit, orange and lemon. Many students come to their singing lesson with a bottle of orange juice or fruit drink. Unfortunately the chances of acid reflux increase with these drinks and it is one of the most damaging things to your precious vocal cords. Lastly, there is alcohol. Yes I know I’m going to be the party pooper here and suggest that alcohol isn’t going to help your vocal performance. From a physiological stand point it is going to dry out your vocal chords and allow less range and clarity to your tone. I know countless musicians who like to have a drink on stage when performing – whiskey seems a popular choice! The deficit of this drying out might be offset by the relaxation and confidence the alcohol brings so just know that to get the very best out of your voice in your Melbourne vocal lessons and in vocal performance it is best avoided.