The story

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The Story:

Most lyrics have a narrative. Some are obscurely hidden in poetry and others tell it simply. When I was receiving vocal lessons in Melbourne as a teenager I was often told to tell a story when singing. This idea took a long time to sink in but the more I performed the more I noticed that the songs that evoked strong feelings in me made me sing them better. One such song is “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. It is a sad tale of family woes and dreams of a better life. When performing this I really try and evoke the story with all its sadness and despair. I find that my voice accentuates tones in words that deliver a stronger performance. In a way I’m lying through my teeth- I’ve never needed a fast car to fly away but humans are empathetic and by thinking about the storyline I can evoke the emotions. In your singing lessons try reading through the lyrics first, visualize the story and tell it as if it was your own. Get in touch with us at Music in Mind to start your first Melbourne singing lesson.