Art of performing

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What is your musical goal? Is it to perform your music in a group, ensemble or solo? If so here is a little piece of advise from one performer to another- Work on the art of performing! The art of performing is about becoming attractive to both the listeners ears and eyes. Music is obviously an audible art form but performing also encompasses the eyes. I have been to many gigs and watched amazing musicians who were quite frankly boring. I can almost hear my university lecturers frantically distancing themselves from this statement. However, it is true that we go “see” live music because it excites many of our senses. When giving music lessons in Melbourne we work on performing aspects. We even give our students two annual concerts so they can gain experience at performing. Seeing others performing gives insights as to how students can better their own performance next time. When performing think about engaging your audience, give a smile and laugh when something unusual happens (it always does). Why not try getting your own body moving and grooving. All eyes are on you so excite their senses.