5 tips to become a better guitarist

melbourne guitar teacher melbounre guitar lessons 5 tips to become a better guitarist

We all like lists that are concise and to the point. So here it is young guitar warriors, my 5 tips to becoming a better guitar player. For Melbourne guitar student’s progress to your musical goal is sometimes hindered by the anxiety of being overwhelmed. There is so much to learn and master on the beautiful piece of wood with six strings that to acquire it all seems too vast for you. But don’t fear, listen to your Melbourne guitar teacher and try making this top 5 tips part of your daily practice. Here they are in no particular order:


1: Practice with a Metronome

  • By having a strong rhythmical sense you will always be welcomed on the band stand. You will find it is crucial to your sight reading and chord changes too!


2: Listen more intently

  • By engaging your ears in your practice you will learn to love what you are playing. It could be the Hippie in me or the fact it was drilled into me at Music college but ‘Love every note’


3: Learn all scales and modes intervallically

  • You don’t need to know thousands of scales and modes but you should know your ones inside out. Play them ascending, descending and with steps and leaps.


4: Learn the notes on the fretboard

  • Yes I know it’s a strange piece of wood but it does have meaning and patterns. Learn the notes by studying the visual map and doing note recognition exercises.


5: Record yourself

– We have a wonderful way of tricking ourselves for self-protection or self-validation. Skip all this emotional nonsense and record your playing and listen back with a critical and open mind. You will ear where your practice needs to be focused.


Tone of the right hand

guitar lessons melbourne tone of the right hand

Today I would like to discuss the right hand technique of guitar playing. Many of my guitar students in Melbourne mention how they don’t feel like their strumming sounds as good as the strumming on the song they are learning. Much of the tone of your guitar is coming from your right hand (strumming hand) so lets give some attention to it now. The strings are an active element that responds to how they are hit. If you are looking for dynamics and tone in your playing try accenting the strong beats with harder strums with your right hand. Usually the strong beats are 2 and 4 however listen to the song you are playing and find where the accents lie. In order to give the strong beats accent you need to allow space on the other beats so they can be heard properly. Listening is essential to this skill. Guitar students must be able to parrot what he or she hears as well as express themselves improvisationally. This is a constant pursuit of technique, dynamics and tone. Talk with your Melbourne guitar teacher and find how dynamic your guitar can be. Check out “I see fire” by Ed Sheeran to hear some exquisite use of guitar strumming.