Take control of nerves

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One of the most nervous times I’ve ever had in my life was when I was nineteen years old and my singer hadn’t turned up to a gig. The responsibility of covering him fell to me! Sweat, nerves and impending doom quickly set upon me- I had sung in my bedroom before but never in front of a crowd (let alone a drunken Irish bar crowd!) I’m happy to report it wasn’t a complete disaster. However, the feeling of your voice quivering because of nerves is awful as it lets on to your crowd just how nervous you are – not a good look for a front man! Singing and extreme nerves go together like blue and yellow- something strange comes out. Unlike a lot of other instruments the voice is susceptible to nerves and causes depletion in tone and control. I know countless Melbourne singing students that suffer from crippling stage fright and I sympathize with them. What’s the answer to overcoming the nerves? The secret is in the soup – try and get some experience. We so often fear what might be and then get surprised when it’s done successfully. Nothing beats experience to build confidence so get out there and sing karaoke, busk, do a fill in gig, whatever gets you in the cage match with nerves it doesn’t really matter, your voice and your confidence will be the better for the experience. Our singing lessons equip you with the skills and then we offer performance opportunities throughout the year to sharpen those vocal skills.

Take your singing out of the shower and onto the stage

microphone singing lessons melbourne

Setting the Foundation:

Singing is one of the few instruments that everyone feels like they can have an opinion on. The popularity of singing TV reality shows such as “The Voice” and “Australian Idol” has meant that couch potatoes are able to yell at the TV with heavily weighted opinions on why the contested is “terrible” or “wonderful”! The vast majority of humans believe they have an above average singing voice just because they sang in choirs at school or are a superstar in the comfort of their own car! But the reality of standing in front of a crowd with a microphone and band is a time when most people get a reality check. Nerves, distractions and lack of vocal technique means that your performance will have people muttering the same hateful lines you hear voiced at “Australian Idol” contestants. If you are interested in becoming a better singer and hope to have a crowd in front of you one day please make sure you have dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s by setting the foundations of proper vocal technique with a singing teacher.

A voice in the crowd:

Singing along with others helps your performance possibly to your detriment. Our aural skills often out stretch our vocal skills meaning when singing along with a track you are able to mimic the actual singer – adjusting your pitch and tone to match theirs! It is a common problem most often witnessed at karaoke and at gigs I play when a patron wants to come up and sing a song… The look of absolute embarrassment quickly sets in when they realize they aren’t singing in pitch or in time. Please avoid the “I can do that” trap of singing by seeking out a great melbourne singing teacher and trying to get performance experience – it gets easier each time you do it!

The Blend:

Harmony is a beautiful thing when done correctly, whether it be Crosby, Still and Nash or the Pointer Sisters. Singing harmonies is both enriching for the song and enjoyable for the listeners. Blending voices however is often overlooked when singing harmonies. A lot of singers simply believe “I’m singing the right pitch so job done”. This still can leave a harmony sounding incorrect as the voices aren’t blending with correct tone. Vowel tones practice is where this is solved. We don’t realize we are involuntarily using vowel tones when talking or singing but believe me, they are crucial… have you ever heard a non-native english speaker trying to sing in English? The words are right but they sound weird and unusual… This is because the pronunciation or vowel tones are in the wrong spots. Avoid this common trap but seeking a great singing teacher in Melbourne that will show you the tricks of the vocal trade!