The Holidays

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The holidays were here again and the usual problems for music students came bubbling to the surface. Trumpet teachers often sight a lack of practice as the biggest downfall to a student’s progress. This seems fairly common to all endeavors as you only get out what you put in! Over the Easter Holiday break many families are on the road or overseas enjoying a well earn’t break. For music students this translates to weeks without their instrument. I’m a strong advocate for practicing daily however how can we do this when the instrument isn’t physically with us? Here are a few tips to keep your musical juices flowing anywhere, anytime.

Try taking some sheet music with you and reading it without your instrument. You will find your brain still engages with the notes and you may find you can sight sing the notes. This also works for sight reading rhythms. Your Melbourne trumpet teacher can give you many rhythm exercises on sheet music that you can clap, tap or sing. Try utilizing that amazing piece of technology in your pocket- your smart phone. The plethora of great aural training apps and rhythm apps available at the online store means that you can take your studies anywhere you go. Lastly, lets use this extra downtime to actually listen to music. Find new songs that interest and excite you. By stimulating the ears you will come back after the holidays with a fresh enthusiasm for your trumpet music lessons.