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Musicians stand up and are applauded. As skills go you have mastered one of the most difficult art forms in our culture. The ability to multi task is so fundamental to a musician that sometimes we take it for granted. This multi tasking is most obviously seen when we sight read. The calculations required to both read the note and play the note are quite astonishing! I like to think of it as a three part juggling act. Read and interpret the note, count the rhythm dictated and play the note perfectly. For young Melbourne musicians having trumpet lesson it is imperative that sight-reading become part of your regular practice. In order to master the skill it must be trained by constant reading through new pieces of music, at different tempos and in different time signatures. It doesn’t have to be hours per day, just 10-20mins will get you on the road to mastering this skill and your brain will be exercised like no amount of TV or book reading can do. A recent study conducted on our brains and music can be read at the following: