vocal warm up tips

singing lessons melbourne vocal warm up tips

Hi singers, this week we approach a crucial topic- warm ups. There are literally thousands of articles and blogs on this topic and many singing teachers in Melbourne have different approaches. Here are a few of my tips for our aspiring singers at Music in Mind. Firstly, lets think about the voice as exactly what it is- a muscle. The vocal folds, lips and tongue are all muscles that need blood and flexibility to work at their optimal. When I was travelling the world as a musician on Cruiseships the singers onboard would routinely spend at least 30mins in the steam room/sauna to moisten and loosen the vocal chords and phlegm before a performance. Of course not many of us have saunas at home so instead try using your shower. Close the doors and get that hot water flowing which of course will steam up the bathroom. Lip trills are a popular exercise that we use just to loosen up the lips and cheeks, see this video to see it in practice- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVCHI3TwXBk

Lastly for vocal warm ups I recommend singing students sing long notes. These are notes sung without wavering for an entire breath. Start low in your register and slowly work up to your upper register. You may feel phlegm or some scratchy parts in your voice. Don’t push too hard through this as you may strain the vocal chords. Just allow the vocal folds to loosen gently and you will find your voice will feel strong and consistent.