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Visualisation has become a buzz word amongst musicians and gurus alike. I have recently been working with a singing student in Melbourne about the importance of trying to visualise the shape of the melody she is trying to sing. She is a mature age student with little to no music theory background so we worked on writing out a short melody lines on extra large notation so her eye could watch the melody. Sometimes the melody would ascend or descend in a step, other times it would be a leap. This was a great break through for this singing student as her relationship to melody was now more understood and ingrained. By the end of our singing lesson in Melbourne she could write out a melody idea on the grand stave and hum along. When something wasn’t to her liking she would rewrite the melody until it fit her musical framework she had in her mind. I implore all singing students out there to give this a go- with the correct singing teacher you will find out this music theory thing isn’t that hard and in fact will make you a much better singer who can pitch correctly and cleanly!