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Here at Music in Mind we offer Ukulele lessons and they have begun to gain popularity form our young students. The guitar like many instruments is a physically demanding instrument so parents must be practical about their child’s size and ability before enrolling them in guitar lessons. Even the half sized guitars can be too bulky and cumbersome for children so we often recommend the ukulele as a suitable substitute. The small size of the ukulele, the easy chord shapes and the fact it only has 4 strings means little hands can play songs with greater ease. I’ve been teaching ukulele for a number of years and honestly some songs sound even better played on the ukulele than the guitar. This is controversial but I like “Here come the sun” by the Beatles played on the ukulele more than the guitar… Maybe it was because I taught it to myself on the exquisite beaches of Vietnam or its just because the timbre makes me smile. Ukuleles are cheap and can be a great springboard into music for young children. They also travel very well so taking it on trips or to and from lessons is easy for small children.  Get in contact with us to try out a first lesson!