Tone of the right hand

guitar lessons melbourne tone of the right hand

Today I would like to discuss the right hand technique of guitar playing. Many of my guitar students in Melbourne mention how they don’t feel like their strumming sounds as good as the strumming on the song they are learning. Much of the tone of your guitar is coming from your right hand (strumming hand) so lets give some attention to it now. The strings are an active element that responds to how they are hit. If you are looking for dynamics and tone in your playing try accenting the strong beats with harder strums with your right hand. Usually the strong beats are 2 and 4 however listen to the song you are playing and find where the accents lie. In order to give the strong beats accent you need to allow space on the other beats so they can be heard properly. Listening is essential to this skill. Guitar students must be able to parrot what he or she hears as well as express themselves improvisationally. This is a constant pursuit of technique, dynamics and tone. Talk with your Melbourne guitar teacher and find how dynamic your guitar can be. Check out “I see fire” by Ed Sheeran to hear some exquisite use of guitar strumming.