Take care of your hands

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As a guitarist and guitar teacher in Melbourne my hands are my livelihood. As such I’ve gone to some lengths to ensure they aren’t damaged from everyday use. Immanuel Kant wrote, “The hand is the visible part of the brain” which is how it feels when playing the guitar. There are some things I have chosen not to do as I know it will risk the dexterity of my hands. My first job out of school was to be a dish cleaner at a local restaurant. I would spend up to 6 hours with my hands submerged in hot soapy water leaving them wrinkled, peeling and soft. My steel strings would then shred my poor hands when I got home to practice. I have been wanting to get into Jiu Jitsu and boxing but I know my hands will likely be twisted, yanked and slammed leaving them feel like sloths rather than gymnasts. We want all guitar students to make sensible choices about how they use their hands. I certainly don’t think you should become like Seinfeld’s character George Costanza when he becomes a hand model but safe, sensible and respectful use is a great path. Have your teacher in your guitar lessons give you some warm up tips and hand stretching exercises to keep your precious hands in peak performance!