Electric or acoustic drum kit – which is best for the beginner?

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Parents of young drum students eventually have to face the question of what kind of drum kit to buy for their child. Asking your Melbourne drum teacher for advice is a must. There are so many options available these days, which is great, but it’s also easy to get lost in the options and not know where to start. When it comes to buying a new drum kit, you need to ask yourself a question. Will you be able to tolerate the volume of your child practising every day (drums are obviously very loud)if you buy an acoustic set? If the answer is no, and you’ll more than likely end up going crazy from the noise and in turn never allow the student to practise, then you should look into an electronic drum kit. These days you can get a really decent electronic drum kit for a beginner for less than $500. I will say for sure that they are not quite as good as an acoustic kit for developing technique on, but they are virtually silent, and if it means you’ll let them practise where they otherwise couldn’t then that is the best option for you.

Here’s an electronic drum kit we’d recommend if you’re thinking of heading down that road.

Or if you’re sure an acoustic kit is the best way to go, take a look at this one. Both are budget models that will help the beginner get underway.

Our Melbourne drum teachers can help you get started with the basics, assist in buying a suitable drum kit, and take the music student all the way through exams (if that is of interest) or whatever musical outcome the student desires. Call us today for 20% off your first lesson.