The role of parents when children learn music

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A challenge often faced by music teachers is how to encourage children to practise during the week, outside of their music lesson. While they may be having fun and being stimulated during the lesson, it is sometimes the case that once the lesson is over, the child doesn’t pick up his/her saxophone until their next lesson. Meaning, they don’t do any practise during the week at home. Practise is crucial. I can’t say that enough. it surprises how many people don’t realise that daily practise is so very important to the develop of musical ability. I’d go so far as to say that it’s not just the amount of time you spend practising, but also the daily regularity. In other words It’s better to do 15 minutes practise each day than an hour and a half once a week.

So why is practise so important? Why do music teachers harp on this so much? There are several reasons. Firstly, You need to develop your physical body to the task of playing music. Both muscle strength and endurance is important, but also the more subtle details of technique and finesse on your piano, all of which only come from daily practise.  Secondly is the mental aspect of development. When you practise, you develop your memory and your ability to hear musical elements such as chords, melody and rhythm, but also of repertoire that you learn, new songs.  Thirdly, and equally importantly, with regular daily practise the student develops structure and routine in their daily lives, which is hard to achieve and learn, and requires discipline. Regular and rewarding progress will occur when this happens.

All that aside, without the help and encouragement of parents to keep the students on track, just like is often needed with regular school homework, music practise can easily fall by the wayside. This is followed soon after by the student having a bad time with music, as their progress slows and their interest declines. So I always say to parents, if you honestly want your child to develop musically and learn to play the piano well, make sure they practise regularly. It’s not always going to be easy and it might not always be fun, but they’ll develop quickly, and then lots of fun will be had!! So the moral of the story is, parental support is really essential in the development of young children learning music. Call us today and we can help you get started.