Why spend hours on a boring treadmill? Just play drums!!

boy playing drums melbourne drum lessons

The drum kit as we know it is a relatively modern invention, which came into being roughly 100 years ago, when large orchestras were downsizing into what became known as “big bands” and club bands that would play on smaller stages than the usual concert hall, in places like night clubs and dance halls. These new drummers had to come up with ways to use all four of their limbs in order to be able to play all the rhythms that the various instruments in a traditional orchestral percussion section(4-5 people) would play. The drum kit is the only modern instrument that uses all four limbs in such a way (many instruments incorporate the use of foot pedals to change sounds and add effects, but none use the feet so accurately and intrinsically as the drums).

If you’ve ever played the drums you’ll realise how much of a rigorous physical activity it really is. Not only do you have to use your legs and feet simultaneously, which engages your physical core as well as your mind, but then add to that your entire upper body, especially the muscles of your shoulders and back to control the swinging of sticks at high speed while you hit the drums hard! Drum lessons can relieve stress and be a great outlet for anger, it can calm and soothe you and it can even help boost your intellect. Further, it can aid in the alleviation of pain as some research suggests. The activity of playing the drums promotes endorphin production and endogenous opiates – these are the human body’s natural painkillers.

So who wouldn’t want to play the drums? it’s not only great for your health and your brain, it’s also tons of fun, and of course musical: playing music either by yourself or with friends in a band is an incredibly rewarding experience, which can bring you much happiness and satisfaction. So go on, give us a call now and sign yourself up for a drum lesson with Music in Mind. We’ll take you there with 20% off your first lesson..