Our new Melbourne Piano teacher Jennifer Kingwell.

Melbourne piano teachers Jen Kingwell

Ladies and gentlemen we are very proud to introduce you to our newest piano teacher, drumroll please….Miss Jennifer Kingwell! Jen has joined the MIM team this year as a part-time teacher, as many of our teachers are. She balances regular performances with her busy teaching schedule and also manages to find time to run a radio show on PBS! Her show “Glitter and doom” is an exploration of cabaret as a musical genre amongst other things, and can be heard live every tuesday from 7-8pm!

Jennifer is a classically trained pianist with a background in computer music and experimental multimedia. Her debut EP The Lotus Eaters, released in 2014, has been turning heads, earning a nod as a PBS FM 106.7 feature album in 2014 and receiving airplay and inclusion in ‘best new music’ lists on radio stations and in music blogs across Australia.

Jennifer is one of the many super talented piano teachers in Melbourne we are privileged to work with here at Music in Mind, and we invite you to try us out with an introductory offer of 20% off your first piano lesson. Call us now to make 2016 the year you become a pianist…