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The saxophone is a relatively young instrument, having been created by Belgian musician and inventor Adolphe Sax in the middle of the 19th century. Because of it’s late arrival on the musical scene, it didn’t feature in a lot of classical music and is not a standard member of most orchestras. However, the saxophone was included in the works of many 20th century composers as well as being integral to the evolution of jazz music. More famous than any other instrument in the history of jazz, the saxophone is synonymous with artists such as Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane.

The saxophone is made up of five main parts – the body, which is the main part of the saxophone, the neck, the mouthpiece, the ligature and the reed. The ligature is a round fastening device which slips over the mouthpiece and secures the reed to the mouthpiece. The reed is a wafer-thin wooden strip which when blown through vibrates against the mouthpiece and creates sound. Most saxophone students don’t realise that the reed and ligature have an enormous bearing on the sound of the sax, and not just that, but even the specific way in which you lay the reed over the mouthpiece affects the sound. For this reason and more there is no substitute for one-on-one music lessons with a proper saxophone teacher – A good teacher can show you all of these essential aspects and much, much more.

Our Melbourne saxophone teachers, Paul Carter and Ally Collingwood perform regularly around Melbourne on a regular basis in a variety of ensembles. Paul plays in several jazz groups himself, as well as doing alot of corporate functions and wedding gigs. Ally is currently furthering her studies with a Masters of Music Education from Monash University. Call us now to book a lesson with one of our fantastic teachers and get 20% off your first lesson.