The high seas and your trumpet

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This weeks blog for Melbourne Trumpet students is going to look at a subject close to my heart and life- Cruise ship gigs. After completing my bachelor of music I was interested in travelling with my instrument and getting paid to play all over the world, I’m sure it’s a dream shared by many aspiring musicians. I auditioned for a cruiseline and to my joy was accepted to join their showband. Firstly, the greatest thing about working on a cruiseline as a musician is it is your main job to be a musician. There aren’t any of the usual headaches and distractions you find on land such as traffic, jobs, bills etc.. Your paid well to simply play your instrument and perform in a great band. Your sight reading skills improve dramatically from performing every day and your musical diversity increases as you play a wide range of styles. You also get to meet and play with other terrific musicians from all over the world. I was switched on to many different music from talking and sharing with these professional musicans, some styles I had never even heard of! The Cruiseship industry is booming right now so job opportunities have never been so prolific. You generally play 6 nights a week so you can only imagine how good your playing will be at the end of a contract. For anyone who is looking to see more of the world and get paid to play your instrument than take a look into Cruiseships, unless you get sea sick! Get in touch with us today to get started with a great Melbourne trumpet teacher.